noun. 1a: the act, process, method, or an instance of representing by a system or set of marks, signs, figures, or characters


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You automatically comply with my TOS when you commission me, if you have any questions feel free to reach out

I. General

I must have a clear character reference to work with, with easily distinguishable colors and markingsI try to keep in good contact with my clients, and will usually offer a base sketch and the lineart as WIPs before I give them the finished pieceAny and all art you receive from me will not be used for commercial usePlease credit me as the artist when uploading to sites such as (@notation)The commissioner will NOT use my artwork in regards to NFTs (non-fungible tokens) or a blockchain in any wayI do not provide services (commissions, adopts, customs, requests or gifts) to anyone who is homophobic, transphobic, a zoophile or supports the drawing of feral NSFW (not safe for work), is racist, a xenophobe, or anyone else I deem unsavoryShould I find out after a service is completed that you are or support one or more of the above, I reserve the right to refuse further services as well as potentially reclaim a purchased adopt or custom, with a refund provided by myselfShould the commissioner break these terms of service, the service is void and the commissioner will receive a partial refund, based off how much of the commission was completed

II. Payment and refunds

Payment is due upfront; for larger commissions ($175+) half upfront and half after completion is accepted, payment plans can be discussedI use PayPal invoices to collect payment, but I may use another service including but not limited to CashApp, Stripe or SquareI reserve the right to cancel or decline any commissionIf a refund is needed or requested the amount given back will be in relation to the commission's completenessEdits can be made at any time prior to the artist (myself) starting on the coloring stage, every edit after the lineart stage is completed will cost a minimum of $5 each

III. Preferences

I will draw:⊳ Dragons
⊳ Most fantasy creatures and animals
⊳ Complex designs and backgrounds
⊳ Gore
⊳ Anthros
I will design:⊳ Dragons
⊳ Most fantasy creatures and animals
⊳ Monsters/Cryptids
⊳ Anthros
I will not draw or design:⊳ Humans
⊳ Most mecha
⊳ Canon characters / heavily inspired by canon characters (fan ocs are fine!)
⊳ Most closed species


Interested in something not listed here? Contact me through one of the sites below!You can view my queue hereA complexity fee is anything that will require extensive amounts of work: complex designs or accessories, a detailed background or detailed props, etc.

You automatically comply and agree to adhere with and to my TOS when you commission me, if you have any questions feel free to reach out


A fully lined, colored and shaded headshot with an expression of your choice and a simple background

⊳ Starts at $25Complexity fee: $5-$10



A simple styled fullbody with full shading and dynamic posingComes with a transparent or white backgroundSimple props and jewelry are free

⊳ Starts at $35Complexity fee: $10-$15



A scenic cell shaded piece with a painted backgroundThis type of commission is very experimental, so results will vary!

⊳ Feral starts at $70⊳ Anthro starts at $75Complexity fee: $20-$30+


Full renders

Fully rendered pieces with effectsComes with a simple background by default, more detailed backgrounds and props can be added for a fee

⊳ Headshots start at $50⊳ Halfbodies start at $65⊳ Fullbodies start at $75Complexity fee: $25-$40+


Reference sheets

Full SheetA full reference sheet with two fullbodies, a color palette, notes, and extra detailsFullbodies will both be unique and can be strictly anthro, feral or mixed (recommended)

⊳ Starts at $115Complexity fee: $20-$30+_____________________________

Half Sheet (bottom example)A reference sheet with one fullbody, a color palette and notes

⊳ Starts at $55Complexity fee: $15-$30+

Available add ons to be discussed for a fee:Expression headshotMouth insetEyes inset"Cutaway" section showing bone/meat/blood colorsOutfit fullbodyChibi fullbody (outfits included)A back view
Free add ons:
Pride flagsSimple undergarments


CUSTOM designs

I will work closely with you to help you bring your design to lifeBy default a standard custom will include a fullbody and a color palette

⊳ Starts at $75

Available add ons to be discussed for a fee:Expression headshotMouth insetEyes insetA second unique fullbody"Cutaway" section showing bone/meat/blood colors



Welcome! I'm Note or Connor and I'm an 18 year old self-taught artist based in the desert. Art is a hobby for right now and helps me cover the costs of university. I'm studying to hopefully become an ER nurse.While you're here you should check out my very talented partner, Hen

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Q: What do you use to draw?

A: I use Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Intuos Pro Small!

Q: How long have you been drawing?

A: I've been drawing for about four years now

Q: What is your favorite stage in drawing?

A: I usually enjoy rendering and lineart the most!

Q: Do you do art trades?

A: I do take art trades, but usually only with mutuals

Q: How about requests or collabs?

A: Requests and collabs are reserved for close friends, sorry!

Q: Can I draw our characters together?

A: Of course! Please keep things platonic unless we're friends and or we've previously discussed having our characters in a relationship